Clinic Software

We use Agile Scrum methodology for implementing our projects. Agile methodology is widely accepted in the world and effective for developing complex custom web and mobile applications.

The Clinic software Modules are as follow :
  • Discussions with people are more important than traditional process and tools
  • Emphasis is more on working code than documentation
  • Co-ordination with client is more important than contractual commitments
  • Integration of dynamic changes is more important than prefixed plan

The overall development process is broken into chunks or iterations which are mostly in the range of 14 days. Each iteration goes through whole development life cycle: planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing and documentation. The goal of each iteration is to attain a stable release. A new iteration is aimed at enhancing current functionalities or creating new version. Project priorities are reviewed on completion of each version.

Principles of Clinic Software :
  1. Customer satisfaction with fast and frequent deliveries of useful working software.
  2. Requirement changes are welcomed at later intervals too to help client achieve competitive advantage
  3. The duration of each iteration should be from 14 days to a month
  4. Domain experts work or interact closely with software developers to work on intricate details
  5. Other objective is to let the best in different skillsets contribute to the project and upgrade the quality of project
  6. Direct communication is preferred over other means of communication
  7. Working code is the principal measure of project progress
  8. Simplicity is important in Agile methodology – it is the art of avoiding as much work as possible.
  9. Best architectures, requirements and system designs are created by self-organizing teams.
  10. Conclusions or takeaways at the launch of each iteration is included in the implementation of next iteration

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